Parts List


I have designed the PCB in Easy EDA – You can use JLCPCB or download the Gerber files and send it off to your own PCB manufacturer.

Instructable for modifying PCB boards 2.0 and below for ESP8266 WIFI:

Required Components

ComponentQuantityAli Express LinkeBay Link
18650 Battery Holder8AliExpresseBay
Arduino Mega 2560 (RobotDyn)1AliExpresseBay
TP4056 Module8AliExpresseBay
LCD 2004 20x4 with IIC/I2C/TWI Serial1AliExpresseBay
Rotary Encoder KY-040 Module1AliExpresseBay
Temp Sensor DS18B209AliExpresseBay

SMD or THT Components

Discharge Resistor Components

Network and Barcode Scanner (WIFI)

ComponentQuantityAli Express LinkeBay Link
Barcode Scanner1AliExpresseBay
Barcode Printer1AliExpress
Barcode Labels 30mm x 20mm x7001AliExpress
ESP8266 ESP-011AliExpresseBay
ESP8266 Arduino Adaptor1AliExpresseBay


ComponentQuantityAli Express LinkeBay Link
7.5V Power Adaptor 5.5mm x 2.1mm1AliExpresseBay
Jack DC 5.5mm x 2.1mm PCB Female1AliExpresseBay
5V 10A PSU1AliExpresseBay
5V 10A Power Pack1AliExpresseBay


ComponentQuantityAli Express LinkeBay Link
Rubber Feet8AliExpresseBay
Standoff M3 x 35mm Brass F-F8AliExpresseBay
M3 Stainless Set 300PCS1AliExpresseBay
With Headers
Standoff M3 x 18mm Brass F-F4AliExpresseBay
Standoff M3 x 12mm Brass F-F2AliExpresseBay

Headers (Optional)

ComponentQuantityAli Express LinkeBay Link
Header Female 4 x 1 - LCD1AliExpresseBay
Header Female 5 x 1 - Rotary Encoder1AliExpresseBay
Header Female 6 x 1 - SD Card1AliExpresseBay
Header Female 12 x 1 - USB Host2AliExpresseBay
Header Female 3 x 2 - Arduino1AliExpresseBay
Header Female 5 x 2 - Ethernet1AliExpresseBay
Header Female 16 x 2 - Arduino1AliExpresseBay
Header Female 21 x 2 - Arduino1AliExpresseBay
Header Male 2.54 Round - TP40561AliExpresseBay
Header Female 2.54 Round - TP40561AliExpresseBay
Headers Male 2.54 Square - USB Host1AliExpresseBay

Other (Optional)

ComponentQuantityAli Express LinkeBay Link