ASCD Nano 4x 18650 - Parts List

Core Parts

ComponentQuantityAliExpress LinkeBay LinkAmazon LinkBanggood LinkNotes
Arduino Nano 3.0 ATmega328P1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggood328P chip only not 168
ESP8266 Arduino Adaptor1AliExpresseBay
AmazonBanggoodConverts 5v signal to 3.3v for the ESP serial communication.
ESP8266 ESP-011AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodFor WIFI communication to the Battery Portal.
LCD 1602 16x2 Serial I2C1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggood
Battery Holder 4 x 186501AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggood
TP5100 Module4AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodCharging modules. Check PCB footprint.
CD74HC4067 Module1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodBe careful on PCB size some are larger
74HC595N DIP161AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodShift out Register
DIP16 Socket1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggood
Temp Sensor DS18B205AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodTes before soldering.
Tactile Switch 6MM1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggood
Connector KF301-2P 5.08mm4AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodOptional - For connecting the Discharge resistors or JST
DC Jack 5.5 x 2.1mm1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggood12V power input
Resistor Carbon Film 3.3ohm 5W4AliExpresseBayAmazon
BanggoodBanggood is 3Ohm Aluminum. 6.8Ohm for 500mA discharge.
Conical Rubber Feet 14x8mm8AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodFor non 3D print case design screwed to 35mm standoffs
Insulating Washers 3x7x0.8mm16AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodBangood link is nylon
M3 x 12mm Flat Head Stainless Steel 304 Hex Socket Screw8AliExpress - Used to mount the board and Battery Holder
M3 304 Stainless Steel 304 Hex Nuts4AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodOptional - Used to mount the Battery Holder
M3 Standoff 18mm Brass F-F4AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodFor LCD mounting. Banggood link is for a pack
M3 Standoff 35mm brass F-F4AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodOptional - For non 3D print case standoffs. Banggood link is for a pack
Header Female 2.54mm 1x41AliExpress
BanggoodBangood link is 40pin cut to size
Headers Male 2.54mm 1x40 Pin1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodUsed for all headers
Header Female Right Angle 2.54mm 1x41AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggood
For the ESP Adaptor. Banggood is a stackable 8P. Need to cut to size and bend.
USB to ESP8266 ESP-01 Programmer1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodFor programming the ESP you only need one.
Fan 80MM x 80MM x 15MM 12V1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodFor the new 3D printed case design.
BD139 NPN Transistor1AliExpresseBayAmazonFor the fan speed controller
100uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor 5x11mm1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodFor the fan speed controller
JST 2.0 PH 2pin M-F1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodOptional - for the discharge resistors and fan output.
5V Active Buzzer1AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodOptional
Header Female 2.54mm 1x81AliExpress
BanggoodBangood link is 40pin cut to size
Header Female 2.54mm 1x152AliExpress
BanggoodBangood link is 40pin cut to size
Header Female 2.54mm 1x161AliExpress
BanggoodBangood link is 40pin cut to size
M3 x 4mm Flat Head Stainless Steel 304 Hex Socket Screw8AliExpresseBayAmazonBanggoodFor mounting the LCD

SMD or THT Components


ComponentAliExpress LinkeBay LinkAmazon LinkBanggood LinkNotes
Solder Wire 60/40 0.7mmAliExpresseBay
Diagonal PliersAliExpresseBay
A3 PVC Cutting MatAliExpresseBay
Youyue 8586 SMD Soldering Rework StationAliExpresseBay
UNI-T UT39A Digital MultimeterAliExpresseBay
Wire StrippersAliExpresseBay
Barcode ScannerAliExpresseBay
Barcode PrinterAliExpresseBay
Barcode Labels 30mm x 20mm x700AliExpresseBay
MECHANIC Solder PasteAliExpresseBay
Anti-Static TweezersAliExpresseBay
Third Hand Soldering StandAliExpresseBay
AMTECH NC-559-ASM No-Clean Solder FluxAliExpresseBay
Solder WickAliExpresseBay
Precision Magnetic Screwdriver SetAliExpresseBay